In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ovation Travel Group unveiled its new “ Travel Lifetime Care (TLC) ” corporate travel options, which now include additional safeguards such as COVID-19 trip alerts and details.

TLC features travel management and counseling, full destination and supplier details upon booking, COVID-19 details and resources, trip alerts, OTECH Risk Dashboard, Ovation’s new Safety Check, unused ticket tracking and refund management, client webinars and more.

“COVID-19 has made clear that it is more critical than ever for travel programs to be managed and trips to be monitored at all times – a practice that is in Ovation’s DNA,” noted Michael Steiner, Executive Vice President, Ovation Travel Group. “Thanks to Ovation TLC, our clients have additional peace of mind that we are tracking and managing every trip they take, every time they travel.”

TLC updates Ovation’s current Trip Alerts to include significant world events as well as changes in protocols surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The GOvation mobile app also sends messages about flight delays, cancellations and weather updates.

The OTECH Risk Dashboard is another important feature of TLC. It is a 24/7 dashboard tool that allows clients to preview travel, weather and security details by destination or geography. The Dashboard now also identifies the travelers within the group as well as COVID-19 hot spots.

“Ovation has always provided our clients with full travel management and itinerary oversight, along with Duty of Care, which is why they view us as their ‘trusted travel partner.’ Since we want to build on that trust, in the age of the pandemic, it is even more imperative that our clients and their travelers have a heightened sense of confidence. Thus we are introducing Ovation Travel Lifetime Care,” explained Paul Metselaar, CEO and Chairman of Ovation Travel Group.

“Ovation TLC provides additional layers of information and oversight protection from the moment our travelers book their trips until the time they safely return home.”

Ovation is one of the largest independently owned travel management companies in the United States. For more information, please visit .

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